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My friend

I liked this guy and knew that he was a cheater type, so I didnt want anything longterm with him. Well I did somethings with him and then the next day my best friend slept with him. I dont know wethere to ever trust her again, or just to let it go.

Avatar thatonechick
11-12-05 13:43
That's the sleaziest bullshit. *shakes head* I guess you ave to consider a few things: Did she know you like him? Did she know you fooled around with him the day before? Is she an ASSHOLE? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this chick doesn't sound like a very good friend.

But then again, you knew he was the cheater type... hmmm... Your friend doesn't sound like she has alot of self control. ick.
Avatar volcanovixen21 *
11-12-05 18:16
Dvorak Attack
Well, if she is your best friend I will assume she knew you liked him. And if she knew this and still slept with him, I'd say u need to find some new friends. And as for the guy? Push the scumbag out of your life and find someone who is a bit more mature.

Or do what I do and just don't tell your sleazy friends who you like.
Avatar sk8outsidedabox
11-13-05 10:13
Awwwhh Snaps!!


You just said that he was a "cheater type"

You "did somethings with him"

now your friend sleeps with him.


Now, you should have known better not to mess around with this guy.

Your friend is a different story.

Just get the fuck over it.

Avatar adrienne
11-13-05 13:25
Yes, I hope that you know that the response above mine is that of DIANA CHAO! Say hello to her or something. I am glad that you got this Allison! It will be a hell of alot easier to keep in touch! ANYWHO.

This loser kid, stick with the response from the person above Diana! Its HILLARIOUS really!

Welp, read my posts chick!
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